Luciana Roude

Executive Producer
+54 9 11 25811408

Can Can Club is an animation studio that brings together a team of passionate people to dedicate their work and creativity to storytelling. Beyond the animation direction services worldwide, the company develops original content, which there are international multi-award-winning short films, TV series and feature films. His latest TV production, “The tiniest man in the world”, directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella, was co-produced with France in 2016 and premiered in 2017. Nowadays Can Can Club is co-producing the series “Dos Pajaritos”, with Palermo Estudio (Uruguay) and Señal Colombia. Directed by Alfredo Soderguit and Alejo Schettini.

Can Can Club es un estudio de animación que reúne a un equipo de personas apasionadas para dedicar su trabajo y creatividad a la narración. Además de los servicios de dirección de animación en todo el mundo, la empresa desarrolla contenido original, entre los que se encuentran cortometrajes, series de televisión y largometrajes. Su última producción televisiva, “El hombre más diminuto del mundo”, dirigida por Juan Pablo Zaramella, fue coproducida con Francia en 2016 y estrenada en 2017. Actualmente coproduce la serie “Dos Pajaritos”, con Palermo. Estudio (Uruguay) y Señal Colombia. Dirigido por Alfredo Soderguit y Alejo Schettini.


Produced Titles

  • 2 Metros – Shortfilm, 2007. Dir. Javier Mrad
  • Teclópolis, – Shortfilm, 2009. Dir. Javier Mrad
  • Hot Corn, – Shortfilm, 2011. Dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella.
  • Inercia – Shortfilm, 2013. Dir. Becho Lo Bianco y Mariano Bergara.
  • El hombre mas chiquito del mundo – Series 53 x 1 – 2016. Dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella.
  • Dos Pajaritos – Series 20 x 3 – 2021. Dir. Alfredo Soderguit y Alejo Schettini.


Current projects looking for coproduction

Two Little Birds

TV Series – 52 x 3:30 min.
Status: Post Production
Directors: Alfredo Soderguit, Alejo Schettini
Animation: Stop Motion by Becho Lo Bianco, Hernan Bruno, Maria Zancolli, Sebastian Hojnadel. 2D by Pablo Brand, Juan Manuel Ferro, Diego Rolle
Script: Alfredo Soderguit & Alejo Schettini – Based on the book “Dipacho”
Technique: 2D & Stop Motion
Genre: Comedy
Target: Family

Budget: USD 450.000
Secured budget: 40%
Financing confirmed: Incaa (Argentina) – Niem Dinatel (Uruguay) – Señal Colombia (Colombia)

Looking for: Financing + Coproduction

Storyline: Two little birds living in the same tree. One is white and the other is black. Both live in peace and harmony until something new enters the scene. Whatever it is, an absurd object or a visitor, they are going to start a crazy competition where they will take the crazy situations to extremes. They must finally face the consequences of their absurd behavior. At the beginning of each new episode everything will return to the original situation.