Can Can Club


Luciana Roude

Executive Producer
+54 9 11 2581 1408

Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue


Can Can Club is an animation studio that brings together a team of passionate people to dedicate their work and creativity to storytelling. Specialized in stop motion, it was founded in 2008 and since then it has positioned itself as a reference in the world market. The company develops original content among which there are international award-winning short films, series projects and feature films.

Can Can Club es un estudio de animación que reúne a personas apasionadas en dedicar su trabajo y creatividad al arte de contar historias. Especializada en stop motion, fue fundada en 2008 y desde entonces se posicionó como referencia en el mercado mundial. La compañía desarrolla contenido original entre los cuales hay cortometrajes multi premiados, proyectos de series de televisión y largometrajes.

Produced Titles

  • “2 Metros” – Shortfilm – 2007
  • “Teclópolis” – Shortfilm – 2010
  • “Inercia” – Shortfilm – 2012
  • “El hombre mas chiquito del mundo” – TV Series – 2016


Current projects looking for coproduction

Dos Pajaritos / Two Little Birds

Series – In Development
Directors: Alfredo Soderguit y Alejo Schettini
Animators: Alfredo Soderguit, Alejo Schettini (2D), Becho Lo Bianco y Mariano Bergara (Stop Motion)
Writters: Alfredo Soderguit y Alejo Schettini
Duration: 52 min.
Technique: 2D, Stop Motion
Genre: Comedy
Target: Pre-School

Budget: 560.000 USD
Secured Budget: 364.000 USD (65%)
Financing: Uruguay – MIEM/DINATEL + MVD socio audiovisual + Palermo Estudio Argentina – Can Can Club + INCAA (To be confirmed)
Looking for: Financing – Co producers – Pre buying – Licencing

Synopsis: Two Little birds living together in the same tree. One is White the other is Black. Both live peacefully and happy until something new appear on the tree. They will Start competing over it in ludicrous and hilarious ways putting themselves or the tree at risk.
They will end up safe and sound and every episode will have a fresh start.

Pass: Pajaritos


Cuentos de 2 metros / 2 Meters Tales

Series –  In development
Directors: Becho Lo Bianco
Animators: Mariano Bergara and Becho Lo Bianco
Writters: Javier Mrad, Becho Lo Bianco, Javier Salazar
Duration: 26 episodes of 7 min. each
Technique: Stop Motion
Genre: Adventure
Target: Kids

Budget: 473.950 USD
Secured Budget: 118.487 USD (25%)
Looking for: Pre buys / Co productions / Financing

Synopsis: Taking advantage of the magic of stop-motion animation, a metallic measuring tape and a measuring carpenter tape, they will come into life to become, respectively, in a sullen snail and its inseparable canine friend.
Dog is curious, playful and always gets into trouble. Snail is wise, centered and calculating.
While sniffing the corners of a house full of common objects that come to life, they will go together through amazing discovery adventures.