Can Can Club


Luciana Roude

Executive Producer
+54 9 11 2581 1408

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Can Can Club is an animation studio that brings together a team of passionate people to dedicate their work and creativity to storytelling. Specialized in stop motion, it was founded in 2008 and since then it has positioned itself as a reference in the world market. The company develops original content among which there are international multi-award-winning short films, TV series projects and feature films. His latest TV production, “The tiniest man in the world”, directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella, was co-produced with France in 2016 and premiered in 2017.

Can Can Club es un estudio de animación que reúne a un equipo de personas apasionadas en dedicar su trabajo y creatividad a la narración de historias. Especializado en stop motion, fue fundado en 2008 y desde entonces se ha posicionado como una referencia en el mercado mundial. La compañía desarrolla contenidos originales entre los que hay cortometrajes multipremiados internacionalmente, proyectos de series de TV y de largometrajes. Su última producción de TV, “El hombre más chiquito del mundo”, dirigida por Juan Pablo Zaramella, fue coproducida con Francia en 2016 y estrenada en 2017.


  • 2016 . Series EL HOMBRE MÁS CHIQUITO DEL MUNDO (HD 52 x 1min.) – Co-Production and Animation Direction. Co-produced with France (Les Films de L´Arlequin para France Televisions).
  • 2015 . Shortfilm ONIÓN (HD – 22 min.). Production and Animation Direction. Dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella.
  • 2012 . Shortfilm INERCIA (HD – 4´08”min). Direction and Production. Becho Lo Bianco y Mab.
  • 2011 . Shortfilm HOTCORN (HD – 4´08”min). Animation Direction. Dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella.
  • 2010 . Shortfilm TECLOPOLIS (HD – 12´10” min.). Animation Direction. Dir. Javier Mrad.
  • 2007 . Shortfilm 2 METROS. Animation Direction. Dir. Javier Mrad.

Current projects looking for coproduction

WawiPox (26×5′)

Status: In development
Tecnique: Stop Motion + 2D
Director: Mariano Bergara
Animator: Mariano Bergara, Becho Lo Bianco and others
Writters: To be confirmed
Genre: Adventure
Target: Pre-School

Budget: 650.000 USD
Secured Budget: 30%
Looking for: Financing – Co producers – Distributors

Synopsis: The WawiPox are a bunch of exceptional little friends very different amongst themselves not only in their shapes and colors but also in their personalities, capabilities, taste, desires and drive. The Wawis open the discussion about being different and in each chapter their differences will be the key to finding the best solutions to their adventures.



2 Meters Tales (26×7′)

Status: In development
Tecnique: Stop motion + Animated objets
Directors: Becho Lo Bianco
Animators: Mariano Bergara and Becho Lo Bianco
Writters: Javier Salazar, Javier Mrad, Becho Lo Bianco and Mariano Bergara
Genre: Adventure
Target: Kids

Budget: 693.000 USD
Secured Budget: 30%
Looking for: Pre buys / Co productions / Financing / Distribution

Synopsis: Thanks to the magic of stop-motion animation, a metallic measuring tape will play the role of “Snail” and a foldable carpenter ruler will come to life as ”Dog”. Snail is cunning, centered cold at heart and calculating. Dog is curious, playful and always gets into trouble. While snooping around the corners of a house filled with regular objects that will come to life, they invite you to go with them through amazing adventures of discovery and wonder.



Mandinga (26×2’30”)

Status: In development
Tecnique: Stop motion + live action
Director: Becho Lo Bianco
Animators: Becho Lo Bianco, Mariano Bergara and others
Writter: To be confirmed
Genre: Comedy
Target: 9 to 11 years old

Budget: 650.000 USD
Secured Budget: 30%
Looking for: Financing – Co production – Distribution

Synopsis: Hot water mysteriously running out in the middle of the shower, keys that seem to disappear just when you need to leave home in a hurry… This is no bad luck: this is a matter of Mandinga. Mandinga is a four inches tall demon apprentice expelled from hell by the devil himself for not being bad enough. Mandinga would be able to return to his warm home if he managed to make enough mischief on earth to deserve a proper pair of horns, a pointed tail and a trident to look like Satan himself.

Teaser / Password: CCCmandinga