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Nicolás Avruj

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Based in Argentina, he produced films selected and awarded at Cannes, Locarno, Venice, Sundance and sold to dozens of countries worldwide.
He founded Campo Cine together with Diego Lerman, a production company specialized in international co-productions.


– Sueño Florianópolis (2017) directed by Ana Katz, coproduced by Campo Cine (Argentina) with Pródigo Films (Brazil)
– Una especie de familia (2017) by Diego Lerman, produced by Campo Cine (Argentina) with Bossa Nova (Brazil), 27Films (Germany), Staron (Poland) and Bellota Films (France)
– Monos (2017) by Alejandro Landes and Alexis Dos Santos, produced by Campo Cine (Argentina) with No Franja (Colombia), Pandora (Germany), Lemming (Netherlands) and Le Pacte (France)
– Nosotros, Ellos y Yo (2015) a documentary directed by Nicolás Avruj
– Mi Amiga del Parque (2015) directored by Ana Katz, produced by Campo Cine (Argentina)with Mutante Cine (Uruguay)
– Los Hongos (2015) by oscar Ruiz Navia, produced by Campo Cine (Argentina), Contravía Films (Colombia)
– Refugiado (2014) by Diego Lerman, produced by Campo Cine (Argentinta) with 27films (Germany) and Staron Films (Poland);
– Voyage, Voyage (2012) by Edouard Deluc, produced by Campo CIne (Argentina), Bizibi (France) and Versus (Belgium)
– Porfirio (2011) by Alejandro Landes, produced by Campo Cine (Argentina), Porfirio Films (Colombia), Franja Nomo (Colombia), Carmelita Films (Spain), Control Z Films (Uruguay), Atopic (France)
– Soi Cumbio (2011) a documentary directed by Andrea Yannino
– La Mirada Invisible (2010) by Diego Lerman, produced by Campo Cine (Argentina) with AGAT FILMS (France) and Imval and Mediagrama (Spain)

Current projects looking for coproduction

Hogar (90 min)

Status: In Development
Director: Maura Delpero
Writter: Maura Delpero
Genre: Drama

Budget: USD 1.073.245
Secured Budget: 70%

Storyline: A bitter-sweet encounter between different women: on one side Lu and Fati, young Argentinians living in the “Hogar”, a religious center for teenage mums in Buenos Aires, on the other the Italian nuns who crossed the Ocean to establish it.