Boya Films

Fernando Spiner

Director / Producer
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Boya Films was created fot the production of “Without Fear “”, which was a winner of INCAA’s (Argentine Film Institute) Bicentennial Competition in 2010. It was later selected to represent Argentina at the Oscars.
As partner and manager Fernando Spiner was able to make, previously “Adiós querida luna” (Good bye Dear Moon) , “La sonámbula” (The Sleepwalker) and “La Boya” (The Buoy) that was released December 6th 2018.


Produced Titles

  • Aballay, el hombre sin miedo – Wi (2011)
  • La Boya – The Buoy (2018)


Current projects looking for coproduction


Status: Post Production
Director: Fernando Spiner
Writters: Fernando Spiner, Eva Benito y Pablo de Santis
Genre: Sci Fi
Duration: 90 min
Estimated Shooting Date: November 2019

Budget: 650.000 USD
Secured Budget: 552.500 USD (85%)
Financing: INCAA and Private Funding

Synopsis: Ana returns to Buenos Aires to process her father`s will. She investigates Dr. Benedetti’s findings: a door to a parallel dimension where her dad is still alive.