Andrés De Mula

Art Director
+54 9 261 2413055

Blirp is an original and innovative studio specialized in design and character animation unique in Argentina. It provides highly creative solutions with a clear art direction. It uses a wide variety of techniques according to new trends, which makes that the result obtained be remarkable and outstanding. This achieves a very effective communication that will be well received by the audience it is intended.

Blirp es un estudio original e innovativo especializado en diseño y animación de personajes únicos en Argentina. Provee soluciones altamente creativas con una dirección artística clara. Usan una gran variedad de técnicas acordes a las nuevas tendencias, por lo que hace que el resultado obtenido sobresalga. Esto logra una comunicación efectiva que será bien recibida por el público que se busca.


Gummy Gas Crisis (Shortfilm-2017)

Current projects looking for coproduction

Supernormal 66 (26×11′)

Status: Pre-Production
Tecnique: 2D
Director: Rodrigo Díaz and Gabriel Dalla Torre
Animator: Rodrigo Díaz
Writters: Gabriel Dalla Torre
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Terror
Target: 7 to 12 years old

Budget: 914.300 USD
Secured Budget: 1,5%
Looking for: Co-production, Project funding

Synopsis: The story tells the daily life of the 66th patrol, made up of paranormal beings, which helps paranormal beings to solve their problems (sometimes referred to the human world). They are mediators who act between two different worlds.


Bouba & Kiki (15 min)

Status: Pre-Production
Tecnique: 3D, 2D
Director: Gabriel Dalla Torre and Rodrigo Díaz
Animator: Rodrigo Díaz
Writters: Gabriel Dalla Torre
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Target: 12 to 17 years old

Budget: 500.000 USD
Secured Budget: 3%
Looking for: Co-production, Project funding

Synopsis: In the world of Boubas and Kikis, adults are geometric, solid and dull beings. Instead, babies are jellied, soft and shapeless dough. To grow up in this world is all about choosing a shape and stick to it. Phi must overcome many obstacles before finding his true form and identity.