Bit Bang

Bárbara Cerro

Director / Producer
+54 9 11 41751092


Bárbara Cerro’s team is comprised of animators, designers, filmmakers and visual artists, this allows a great flexibility to develop many types of projects, from conception to post-production. They offer original content and traditional and digital animation services, stop motion and illustration, with a very strong visual identity. Since 2013, they have developed a great amount of animated pieces, including TV series, short films and advertisements, which were selected by the most prestigious festivals through the world. Bárbara is the founder and director of Bit Bang Animation, Videogames and Digital Art Festival.

El equipo de Bárbara Cerro está conformado por animadores, diseñadores, cineastas y artistas, que brindan gran flexibilidad para crear distintos proyectos, desde la idea hasta su post-producción. Ofrecen contenidos originales y servicios de animación tradicional, digital y stop motion, con una fuerte identidad visual. Desde el 2013 realizan animaciones incluyendo series de TV, cortometrajes y publicidades, que recorren los festivales más prestigiosos del mundo. Bárbara es la fundadora y directora del Bit Bang Festival de Animación, Videojuegos y Arte Digital.


Produced Titles

  • Gorda (Serie, 2018)
  • Los Inadaptables (Serie, 2016)
  • Bit Bang Tv (Serie, 2017)
  • Instrucciones para humanos (Serie, 2015)


Current projects looking for Co-Production

Todos los futuros / All the futures

Shortfilm – Pre-Production
Director: Bárbara Cerro
Animator: Iván Stur
Writters: Bárbara Cerro, Luz Orlando Brennan
Duration: 6 min.
Technique: 2D
Genre: Sci-Fi
Target: Youngs, Adults

Budget: 32000 USD
Confirmed Budget: 20%
Financing: Fundación Manonville
Looking for: We look for funds to produce the short film and perfect the project from narrative and aesthetic points of view. We also look for co-production with other studios and artists.

Synopsis: Meteors with terrestrial germs start to fall onto the Glasto planet. Each fall prompts a different random chaotic situation, happening at the same time and in the same space. Absurd rules and domestication appear. Roads, tunnels, pyramids and impossible geometrical constructions are created. Glasto’s evolution is:
1. A Civilization is Born;
2. Towards Indiscriminate Consumerism;
3. Towards Chaos.
But it’s all happening simultaneously, the beginning and the end.