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Edson Sidonie

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Independant production company based in Buenos Aires, created by french producer Edson Sidonie and argentinian director Juan Pablo Felix, dedicated to « art house » movies. Currently, the company is developping two features, a documentary and a serie.

Casa productora independiente basada en Buenos Aires, creada por el productor francés Edson Sidonie y el director argentino Juan Pablo Felix, y dedicada a la producie de películas de tipo “art house”. Actualmente, la empresa está desarrollando dos proyectos de largometrajes de ficcion, un documental y una serie.

Current projects looking for coproduction

Los días según ellos (90 min)

Status: In development
Director: Juan Pablo Felix
Writter: Juan Pablo Felix
Genre: Fiction / Drama / Thriller

Budget: USD 1.000.000
Secured Budget: 70%
Financing: Incaa Opera Prima / Sorfond / Premio Efad-Caci de coproducción – Festival de San Sebastián / Aportes en efectos especiales The Action Design Company/ Phototaxia Pictures (México) – Aporte Post producción

Storyline: CABRA, a young and passionate malambo dancer from the Argentine Northwest, receives the unexpected visit of his father, a con who gained a permit to leave jail for a few days to visit his son, but uses it to stage a highway hold-up.