Nacho Malter

Director / EP
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Juan Manuel Sobrado


We are a full 2D animation studio composed by a team of highly qualified animators, illustrators, artists, composers, directors and producers.
We develop projects with a strong south american style, both in content and visual concept.

Somos una productora de animación full 2D compuesta por un equipo destacado de artistas, compositores, directores y productores. Desplegamos proyectos de marcada identidad sudamericana tanto en nuestros contenidos como imaginario visual.


Produced Titles

  • Yorudan District Series Trailer 2018
  • Deportivo Baby Series Concept Clip 2018
  • Cosecha Trivia Spot 2018
  • Ela Spot 2018
  • League of Legends House (Animatic, 2D FX) 2019
  • Funky Hunters Teaser 2019
  • Delta Willys Series Trailer (in production)
  • Dimension Prisma Movie Trailer (in production)


Current projects looking for Co-Production

Distrito Yorudan / Yorudan District

Series – Pre-Production
Director: Damian Fernandez Gomez, Nacho Malter
Animator: Diego Pollieri
Writters: Damian Fernandez Gomez, Patricio Plaza
Duration: 8 episodes of 25 min. each
Technique: 2D Animation
Genre: Action, Sport, Social Drama
Target: +16 years

Budget: 6.000.000 USD
Secured Budget: 0%
Looking for: Financiation, Partnership, IP production development.

Synopsis: Young Graffiti artist Violeta hustles her way in a savage 3 on 3 underground street basketball tournament. Fighting for her own place in dystopian Glyphocity, she will have to face the unique skills of rival gangs, fight robot cops and push her limits to defend the future of her neighbourhood.



Funky Hunters

Series – Pre-Production
Director: Nacho Malter, Damian Fernandez Gomez
Animator: Martin Gil
Writters: Nacho Malter, Damian Fernandez Gomez
Duration: 6 episodes of 24 min. each
Technique: 2D Animation
Genre: Adventure, Action
Target: All public

Budget: 600.000 USD
Secured Budget: 0%
Looking for: Financing -Buyer

Funky Hunters is a series about two intergalactic bounty hunters of dubious morals who unleash an ancient uncontrollable power when searching for a legendary treasure.
Carla, a 4 meter giant warrior and Pepe, an anthropomorphic velociraptor, are two intergalactic bounty hunters. Their enemies are Supercluster mafia and the evil multi planetary government run Buissney Mouse, undisputed ruler of the galaxy.