Juan Manuel Sobrado

Executive Producer
+ 54 11 58218729

We develop the kind of content we like to watch. Energetic, in-your-face, ice-fresh animation. Our strength is rythmic action and awe inspiring scenery, mixing both western and eastern styles.

Desarrollamos historias sudamericanas en Animación 2D. Influenciados por el anime y la escuela norteamericana exploramos los distintos formatos que trae esta era digital. Nos especializamos en arte coneptual y key animation para juegos y series de formato corto.


Produced Titles

– Yorudan District (TV Series)
– Funky Hunters (Web Miniseries)


Current projects looking for Co-Production

Yorudan District

TV Series – In Development
Director: Damián Fernández Gómez
Animator: Nacho Malter
Writters: Andres Pascaner
Duration: 8 episodes of 20 min. each
Technique: 2D
Genre: Action, Sport, Social Drama
Target: Adults

Budget: 3.000.000 USD
Secured Budget: 10%

Looking for: Network, Studios for coproduction

Storyline: In a dystopian world, a streetball basketball tournament will spark the revolution.



Funky Hunters

TV Series – Pre-Production
Director: Nacho Malter
Animator: Damian Fernandez Gomez
Writters: Rodrigo Galli
Duration: 10 episodes of 4 min. each
Technique: 2D
Genre: Comedy, Action
Target: Young adults

Budget: USD 1.000.000
Secured Budget: 20%

Looking for: Network, Coproduction

Storyline: Carla and Pepe will risk their lives for the right price.