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Barakacine is an important independent production company that in the last years has made numerous films and documentaries that have accumulated prizes and recognition in the critics and the public, in a search for new looks in the conceptual and artistic both in the cinema, to Through fiction feature films and documentaries, as in television, in different programs made for the Encuentro channel, public TV and cable TV.

Barakacine, es una importante compañía de producción independiente que en los últimos años ha realizado numerosas películas y documentales que han acumulado premios y reconocimiento en la crítica y el público, en una búsqueda de nuevas miradas en lo conceptual y artístico tanto en el cine, a través de largometrajes de ficción y documentales, como en la televisión, en distintos programas realizados para el canal Encuentro, TV pública y TV por cable.

Current projects looking for coproduction

Necronomicon- el libro del infierno (90 min)

Status: Post-Production
Director: Marcelo Schapces
Writters: Luciano Saracino / Ricardo Romero
Genre: Terror

Budget: USD 679.000
Secured Budget: 80%
Financing: INCAA (Argentinian Film Institute) / Sofia Films Mexico

Storyline: Dieter, a man without age, protected for centuries the Necronomicon, the cursed book, so it is not open and conjured, and thus prevent evil from seizing the planet.
A copy of the book rests, hidden, in the National Library of Buenos Aires. The mysterious death of Dieter leads Louis, a simple librarian, to confront the forces that lurk the book, while the city seems corroded in an apocalyptic climate.