Ruben Fernando Stremiz

CEO / Director
+54 9 11 57302060

Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue


We are an animation studio founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We love making animation and we focus on the visual quality and creative ideas.

Somos un estudio de animación fundado en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Amamos hacer animación y ponemos nuestra impronta en la calidad visual y en las ideas creativas.


Current projects looking for Co-Production

Simona & Jacques

Series – 8 episodes
Status: In Development
Director: Ruben F Stremiz
Animation: Ruben F Stremiz
Script: Ruben F Stremiz
Technique: 3D Animation
Genre: Adventure, Mistery
Target: 6 to 11 years

Budget: 200.000 USD
Looking for: We are looking for financing to be able to make the series.

Synopsis: Simona and Jacques will travel from village to village hunting monsters, solving the villagers problems, and keeping peace and balance between universes.
Adventure, action, horror, and mystery!
But… are the monsters really evil beings? During this fantastic trip, Simona will reshape old ideas, questioning rejection and fear to the different.