ARTAN Animation

Joaquín Garin

Director and Producer
+54 9 11 5458 6427

Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

ARTAN is an animation studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its members, gathered by the passion and love for 2D traditional animation, began to develop their own path in animation, changing the paradigm, subtracting the analogous as a determining condition of traditional.
Today we carry out our work with a great mix of media and techniques, seeking to reach a path where our stories and our art walk together.
We are “animated content creators”

ARTAN es un estudio de animación ubicado en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sus miembros, reunidos por la pasión y el amor por la animación tradicional 2D, comenzaron a desarrollar su propio camino, cambiando el paradigma, restando lo análogo como una condición determinante de lo tradicional.
Hoy llevamos a cabo nuestro trabajo con una gran combinación de medios y técnicas, buscando llegar a un camino donde nuestras historias y nuestro arte caminen juntos.

Somos “creadores de contenido animado”

Current projects looking for coproduction

Confite (90 min)

Status: Pre-production
Tecnique: Animación 2D tradigital
Director: Juaco Garin
Animator: Julian Cristiano
Writter: Juaco Garin
Genre: Adventure
Target: Family

Budget: 7.000.000 USD
Secured Budget: 0%
Looking for: Investors, coproduction

Synopsis: Confite is born in fragile conditions and is found by Clara, his friend who accompanies him the first years of his life. The unseen side of war will end up separating them. Confite must learn to live without Clara and set out on the road to adulthood.



Tilt Tim (26×7′)

Status: Pre-production
Tecnique: Animación 2D tradigital
Director: Juaco Garin
Animator: Julian Cristiano
Writter: Juaco Garin
Genre: Adventure, Sci Fi
Target: 9 to 11 years old

Looking for: Investors, coproduction

Synopsis: Tilt Tim is a brave and enthusiastic child from a video game. He helps other arcades characters to return to their universes. In his adventures, TT discovers the wonderful world of humans that he cares about and leads him to want to stay in it.