APA Asociación de Productoras de Animación

Ignacio Lillini

President of POTAJE CREATIVO / Producer
+54 9 3518158367

APA is an association of producers and animation studios based in Córdoba, Argentina.
APA’s main goals are the growth and and promotion of regional animation, and the development of policies that encourage its education, development, production, exhibition and distribution, as well as its national and international projection.
Córdoba region has a professional career of over 10 years of content creation in several formats as short films, advertising, and television series, and has co-produced with INCAA, Canal Encuentro, TDA, Paka Paka, private companies and international partners.

APA es una asociación de estudios y productores de Animación radicada en Córdoba, Argentina. APA tiene como objetivos el crecimiento y la promoción de la animación regional, y el trabajo en políticas que fomenten su formación, desarrollo, producción, exhibición y distribución, así como su proyección nacional e internacional.
Córdoba posee una trayectoria de más de 10 años de producción profesional de contenidos en los formatos de cortometraje, publicidad y series de televisión, y ha trabajado en co-producción con INCAA, Canal Encuentro, TDA, Paka Paka, empresas del sector privado y socios internacionales.



– NINA – 4 minutes / Lorena Stricker / Argentina / 2007. Shortfilm for the Video Clip of the song “La Costumbre”, by “Arbolito”. For Sony BMG production company.
– VAQUITAS – 3 minutes / Lorena Stricker / Argentina / 2010. Animation for the play “Vaquitas”, by “Ulularia Theather Group”.
– EUROPA – Europe – 4 minutos / Lorena Stricker / Argentina / 2010. Shortfilm for the Video Clip of the song “Europa”, by “Arbolito”. For Sony BMG production company.

SERIES – Series
– JUGANDO CON EL AGUA / 6 x 3 / Juan Manuel Costa / Argentina / 2012
– JUANA Y MATEO CONTRA EL CHAGAS / 8 x 5 / Juan Manuel Costa / Argentina / 2014
– GUIRO Y EL GRAN TESORO COMECHINGÓN / 4 x 11 / Juan Manuel Costa / Argentina / 2013

SHORT FILMS – Cortometrajes
– EL BIRQUE (GÉNESIS) / 13min / Juan Manuel Costa / Argentina / 2003
– ELVIRA / 7min / Juan Manuel Costa / Argentina / 2004
– LA OLLERA / 13min / Juan Manuel Costa / Argentina / 2009
– DOÑA UBENZA / 4min / Juan Manuel Costa / Argentina / 2015

– ELZARD – 43 min / 2006 / Argentina / Dir. Gaspar Perea Muñoz
– WURZEL & WURMEL – Cortometraje / 5 min / 2007 / Argentina / Directores: Gastón Luque – Gaspar Perea Muñoz
– RENÁN – Shortfilm / 6.03 min / 2012 / Argentina / Dir. Gaspar Perea Muñoz

SHORT FILMS – Cortometrajes
– “PERRO PRIMAVERA”. Dir. Maria Rosario Carlino. Argentina. 2016. 9 min. In development.
– “GIGI”. Script and direction. Maria Rosario Carlino. Matias Ferreyra. 2015. 10 min. In development.

– “ANTON”. 4 x 11′ . Dir. María Rosario Carlino. Argentina. 2012. Synopsis: This is the story of ANTON, a 6 years old child, who begins a fabulous journey of adventure from an unexpected domestic accident.
– RENATA, NAZARENO Y EL MUNDO DE LOS SENTIMIENTOS – “”Renata, Nazareno and the world of feelings””. 13 x 3′. Dir. María Rosario Carlino. Argentina. 2013. Synopsis: Renata and Nazareno are best friends. Together they spend a lot of time, play games, and sometimes talk about their feelings. Meanwhile, his feelings come to life with the form of strange creatures, who come out of them and make their own.
– JARDÍN MÓVIL. “”Mobile Garden”” 8 x 3′. Dir. Paula Daveloza. Argentina 2015. Synopsis: Nature has fun playing with its elements and in its constant flowing it is transformed.

– DEVELOPMENT – Desarrollo
– LLOVÍA / Shortfilm 2D / Ignacio Lillini / Argentina
– BESITOS / Web Series / Adults / Ignacio Lillini / Argentina
– LAS AVENTURAS DE ELOISA / TV Series / Child’s / Agustina Comedi, Ana Comes, Ignacio Lillini / Argentina

SHORT FILMS – Cortometrajes
– EL MEDIO PESO Videoclip / 04: / Ana Comes e Ignacio Lillini / Argentina / 2017
– GURIUM / 03:37 / Ana Comes / Argentina / 2015

Pack Gráfico Animado | Tittles and Credits
– FORO DE NIÑOS Y NIÑAS / Córdoba’s Municipality Spot / Gastón Sahajdacny / 2017
– GALLOS ROJOS / TDA, INCAA, EL CALEFÓN CINE / Ezequiel Salinas y Ana Apontes / Argentina / 2015

– DE ALLÁ PARA ACÁ / 13 Chapters / 15 Min / Alejandro Imondi / Argentina / 2014
– LA COMARCA DE JULIÁN / 13 Chapters / 15 Minutos / Juan Costa / Argentina / 2016″

Current projects looking for coproduction

Llovía / It rained (7′)

Status: In development
Tecnique: 2D digital
Director: Ignacio Lillini
Animator: Ignacio Lillini
Writter: Ignacio Lillini
Genre: Experimental
Target: +13 years

Budget: USD 24.000
Secured Budget: 34%
Financings: Becas de Creación del Fondo Nacional de las Artes $50.000
Looking for: It rained is in the stage of development. There is a screenplay, a first version of the storyboard, an initial proposal to design the characters and settings, a first approach to the sound effects, and an action plan to move forward to the pre-production stage.
We are actively looking for coproducers who may participate during the development stages (scripting, aesthetic proposal, etc) to improve the proposal both visually and narratively so we may consolidate the contents.

Synopsis: While everyone is taking a nap, Iñaki (7), in his sleepiness, play and boredom, kisses his father’s back. Rain begins to pour in the room. His imagination will take him through a new experience that he will hardly ever forget.


Las aventuras de Eloisa / The Adventures of Eloisa (13×11′)

TV Series
Status: In development
Tecnique: 2d Digital
Director: Ana Comes
Animator: Ignacio Lillini
Writters: Agustina Comedi
Genre: Adventure
Target: 2/6 years

Budget: USD 283,600
Secured Budget: 10%
Looking for: This project is in development stage. It currently has a sinopsis, script and aesthetic proposal.
We are looking for funding, the project was presented at the Fondo Nacional de las Artes from Argentina’s Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación. It’ll be presented at the fund for Polo Audiovisual de Córdoba besides and biddings for TV from INCAA.
We are actively looking for coproducers who may participate during the development stages (scripting, aesthetic proposal, etc)

Synopsis: Eloisa, a stuffed monkey, Is the pet of the 4 years room class of a kindergarten. Every Friday, the monkey goes to the house of a boy or girl in the room. On Monday, when the children return to school, the boy or girl tells the adventures that he or she had during the weekend with Eloisa. Every child is different, just like their homes. In addition to playing, eating and sleeping with the child, Eloísa knows his/her family. Each family is different.


Los vientos de Gitana / The winds of Gipsy (70 min.)

Feature Film
Status: In development
Tecnique: Stop Motion
Director: Juan Manuel Costa
Writter: Marcos Luc
Genre: Adventure / Musical
Target: 8/12 years

Budget: USD 800.000
Secured Budget: 0%