Damian Yapura

Director / Founder
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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Alfalfa is an animation studio that develops children’s / youth content. We specialize in stop motion, fusing styles and supports and experimenting with various animation techniques and coupling them together. That’s why each of our audiovisual pieces is unique, made at home (and with love). Founded in mid-2017 by a group of friends and former colleagues of the Universidad del Cine, bringing together a team of talented, creative and passionate people for animation and film.

Alfalfa es un estudio de animación que desarrolla contenido infantil/juvenil. Nos especializamos en stop motion, fusionando estilos y soportes y experimentamos con diversas técnicas de animación y las acoplamos entre sí. Por eso cada una de nuestras piezas audiovisuales es única, hecha en casa (y con amor). Fundada a mediados del 2017 por un grupo de amigos y ex compañeros de la Universidad del Cine, reuniendo a un equipo de personas talentosas, creativas y apasionado por la animación y el cine.


  • Cortometraje “Bah” 2015.
  • Cortometraje “Momo” 2016.

Current projects looking for coproduction

When it Rains (26×5′)

Status: In development
Tecnique: Stop Motion
Director: Natalia Lopez, Damian Yapura and Magalí Tyzsberowicz
Animator: Damian Yapura
Writters: Damian Yapura and Magalí Tyzsberowicz
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Target: 4 to 7 years old

Budget: 500.000 USD
Secured Budget: 0%
Looking for: We are looking for investors and animation companies with a strong track record who want to collaborate with the project.

Synopsis: VERA and FUNGI live between the roots of the tallest and oldest tree of the forest. She is a 9 year old succulent plant, rebellious and capricious. And he is a 4 year old mushroom very brave and intuitive. After the rain, after the slight touch of a drop of water they are brought back to life and they are able to take out there little feet to the humid surface and rush in search of ad- ventures.