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Executive Producer
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Ajimolido Films was created in 2008 by the producer Alejandro Israel. His work aims to develop and carry out film and television projects, unifying the artistic and authorial potential with the commercial one, targeting the main local and international markets through strong commitment to multiple co-productions. Among its most outstanding film productions are: “Al Desierto” by Ulises Rosell (premiered at the 2017 San Sebastian Film Festival) and “El invierno” by Emiliano Torres (premiered at the 64th San Sebastian Film Festival, and winner of the Silver Condor Award for Best First Film in 2017).


Produced Titles

  • “Yo Niña” (2018) de Natural Arpajou
  • “A Voz do Silencio” (2018) de André Ristum, coproducción con Sombumbo Films (Brasil) y Movimiento Audiovisual (Argentina)
  • “Al Desierto” (2017) de Ulises Rosell, en coproducción con Wanka Cine (Argentina) y Triciclo Films (Chile).
  • “El Invierno” (2016) de Emiliano Torres, en coproducción con Wanka Cine (Argentina) y Cite Films (Francia)
  • “Invasión” (2014) de Abner Benaim, en coproducción con Apertura Filma (Panamá)
  • “Zonda, Folklore Argentino” (2015) de Carlos Saura, en coproducción con Zebra Producciones (España), Mondex et Cia (Francia) y Barakacine (Argentina)
  • “La parte ausente” (2015) de Galel Maidana
  • “La forma exacta de las islas” (2012) de Daniel Casabé y Edgardo Dieleke
  • “Juan y Eva” (2011) de Paula de Luque, en coproducción con Barakacine (Argentina)
  • “Empleadas y patrones” (2010) de Abner Benaim, en coproducción con Apertura Films (Panamá)
  • “Pájaros volando” (2010) de Néstor Montalbano, en coproducción con Barakacine (Argentina)


Current projects looking for coproduction


Status: Post Production
Director: Laura Casabé
Writters: Laura Casabé, Lisandro Bera y Paulo Soria
Genre: Fantasy/Horror
Duration: 100 min
Estimated Shooting Date: October 2018

Budget: 550.000 USD
Secured Budget: 475.000 USD (86,36 %)
Financing: INCAA

Synopsis: South America, 1919. The Guaranís have died, deserted or were reduced to servitude. Julia, the wife of a landowner, gives birth to a third dead son. Desperate, she begs Kerana, her Indian maid, to bring him back to life. The creature returns. But it doesn’t return alone.



Status: In development
Directors: Daniel Casabé, Edgardo Dieleke
Writters: Daniel Casabé, Edgardo Dieleke, Martín Mauregui
Genre: Noir
Duration: 110 min
Estimated Shooting Date: May 2020

Budget: 750.000 USD
Secured Budget: 225.000 USD (30 %)
Financing: City of Buenos Aires Patronage and  INCAA

Synopsis: Jorge is a grey and cynical private detective who becomes a charismatic person once in a case. His method is simple: everyone is willing to talk. In his more than forty years of career Jorge has seen it all: treacherous commercial partners, unfaithful lovers, petty business-men and desperate workers. His slice of life is one of cynicism and the balance of few reliable friends that keep him hanging. Once he has to follow a famous choreographer he starts to lose his sense of smell.