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Walter Tiepelmann

Producer / Distributor
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996 Films is a film platform dedicated to production, co-production, and distribution of art and essay films, creative documentaries and auteur films.
996 Films is a company based in Buenos Aires, which works with the most innovators authors of contemporary cinema, and a select curatorship of films and projects.
Our work is based on a solid catalog of projects and a passionate group for Argentine, Latin American and World cinema.


Produced Titles

  • Juntas (Argentina-Colombia) 2018


Current projects looking for coproduction


Status: In Development
Director: Walter Tiepelmann
Writter: Walter Tiepelmann
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 70 min.
Estimated Shooting Date: 2020

Budget: 150.000 USD
Secured Budget: 15.000 USD (10%)
Financing: Co-production with Germany

Synopsis: Every Friday, an almost spatial spot lights its lights, which are many; it went from two thousand inhabitants to twenty thousand in a short time. Alienated in minimal apartments, built in the light of the oil boom. In the long and thick night, cumbia rhythms are heard. The cabaret and brothels multiply, attracted by high salaries and loneliness. Addictions grow and synthetic drugs prevail, while the game and the sects multiply. Welcome to Vaca Muerta, Argentina.



Status: Pre-Production
Director: Marina Belaustegui Keller
Writters: Marina Belaustegui Keller and Walter Tiepelmann
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 75 min.

Budget: 120.000 USD
Secured Budget: 60.000 USD (50%)
Financing: INCAA

Synopsis: Marina, the filmmaker under the shadow of three missing brothers, tries to unravel the origin of her grandfather Ivan, after the death of his mother. Follow the tracks of this mysterious character, expert in escapes. Each memory of Ivan is followed by his sudden disappearance; his home town, in Romania, lets him discover that Ivan, the fugitive, fled from the shadow of his Jewish family killed in Auschwitz. The truth appears, and even in its cruelty, it heals.