Javier Ignacio Luna Crook

Producer / Director
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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Tamandua is an animation studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2011 we’re dedicated to the production of animation projects related to cultural, scientific and educational themes. We work mainly in traditional and experimental techniques (Stop Motion and 2D animation)
We hope to find partners to develop content that promotes respect and awareness for the biologic history and the multiplicity of cultural identities of Latinoamerica and the world. We want to achieve this through new technologies and mediums: videogames, interactive e-books, web and films.

“TAMANDUA es un estudio de animación ubicado en Buenas Aires, Argentina. Nos dedicamos desde 2011 a la producción integral de proyectos de Animación relacionados a temáticas de índole cultural, científica y educativa. Trabajamos en su mayoría con técnicas tradicionales y experimentales (Stop Motion y 2D)

Buscamos generar contenidos que promuevan el respeto y la valoración de la historia biológica y de las múltiples identidades culturales de Latinoamérica y el mundo. Queremos hacer dialogar estos proyectos con tecnologías y formatos actuales: videojuegos, e-books interactivos , web y films.


_”Quma y las Bestias – Quma and the Beasts” / Shortfilm 10′ (WIP – 2018)
-“Cuentos del Huequito – La Mulita y el Carpincho” – “Tales of the Little Hollow – The Armadillo and The Capybara”/ Interactive App (2017)
-“Cuentos del Huequito – La Zorra, la Paloma y el Hornerillo” – “Tales of the Little Hollow – The Fox, the Dove and the Rufous Hornero”/ Interactive App (2017)
-“Cuentos del Huequito – El Zorro y el Quirquincho” – “Tales of the Little Hollow – The Fox and the Armadillo” / Interactive App (2015)
-“Cuentos del Huequito – El Sapo y la Calandria”” – “Tales of the Little Hollow – The Frog and the Mockingbird” / Interactive App (2015)
-“Cuentos del Huequito – El Salmón y el Martín Pescador” – “Tales of the Little Hollow – The Salmon and the Kingfisher” / Interactive App (2015)
– “Martín Cola de Cerdo – Pig-tailed Martín” (Opening credits in Stop Motion for a Feature Film) (2015)

Current projects looking for coproduction

Quma y las Bestias / Quma and the Beasts (10′)

Status: Production
Tecnique: Stop Motion
Directors: Ivan Stur and Javier Ignacio Luna Crook
Animator: Ivan Stur
Writter: Diego Salinas Slemenson
Genre: Adventure
Target: 6-8 years

Budget: USD 70.000
Secured Budget: 70%
Financings: Mecenazgo del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires / Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA) / Fundación de Historia Natural Félix de Azara / Aves Argentinas / Museo de Ciencias Naturales de La Plata
Looking for: Postproduction / Distribution

Storyline: Located in Buenos Aires, 12,000 years ago “Quma and the Beasts” speaks of the personal and spiritual growth of 6 years old Quma During an abrupt and premature rite of initiation. Guided by his curious and adventurous spirit, Quma gets lost in the wild. Next to him we will know the beauty of this world of the past: its landscapes, Giant animals, and the experience of making mistakes in the right direction.

Teaser of the project


Ori & Gen (13×2′)

TV Series
Status: In development
Tecnique: Stop Motion – Mixmedia 2D
Director: Javier Ignacio Luna Crook
Animator: Ivan Stur
Writter: Luz Marquez
Genre: Adventure / Comedy
Target: 3-7 years

Budget: USD 80-000
Secured Budget: 10%
Financing: Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales INCAA
Looking for: Coproduction – Postproduction – Distribution – Editorial Associates

Storyline: ORI & GEN come from the handicrafts world. ORI is made of modelling clay; he is sensorial and intuitive. GEN is made of cardboard; he is rigid and rational. As they get in touch with some of the surrounding elements, they are transported to the worlds from which, according to their materiality, those elements come. ORI and GEN explore, sort through dangers and become braver.

Teaser of the project